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By filling in this form you are applying for a place on a Lymington Rushmore Holiday. Due to demand for space, we will need to get back to you to confirm whether or not your application has been successful and to arrange payment. This form is for those who have left school. To apply for a place for a teenager at school, please click here.

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A 2018 (14th July-23rd July)
B 2018 (24th July-2nd August)
C 2018 (3rd August-12th August)
D 2018 (13th August-22nd August)
Easter Revision Party 2018 (4th April-11th April)

For the summer, please tell us which week(s) you'd like to come, and we will allocate you to Lymington Rushmore or LDN holidays, and to junior or senior, according to need.

We'll try to meet your preference, but can't guarantee.

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